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One foggy morning in September during the late 90's a mysterious being crash-landed on earth. She later came to be known as Asian-American author, illustrator, photographer, costume designer, and student filmmaker Janejira Damron. Named after the main character in the Thai novel The Only Love of Janejira. As a child she dreamed of being not only a Power Ranger but also a director, rock-star, dancer, and author. She picked up drawing in the third grade after reading Natsuki Takaya's manga Fruits Basket. As the years passed she fell deeper in love with anime, manga, and Japanese culture. This later shaped her perspective of the world and sharp fashion sense. By 2011 she taught herself how to blog, create youtube content, digital paint, and create original manga characters and storylines. With the help of her loving and supportive family of course.

During her awkward teenage years, she published her first novel The Girl in Black through CreateSpace, created a joke of a portfolio website, and started several youtube channels with silly skits and music covers. Before her high school chapters came to a close she switched platforms and published three more novels through lulu, (Which she is now re-writing) lead two high school clubs at once, became a convincing substitute teacher for nine minutes, and tap-danced on the stairs she hated with a fiery passion.

It was during her early college years that the stars aligned and she took charge of her destiny. She created her first film with a budget of $0 and boldly submitted it to the Sundance Film Festival. (You can now watch in on her youtube channel) Then she re-wrote Akemi: The Boy in Black and published Picture Us (Her greatest work thus far)


After escaping the merciless wrath of a pyramid scheme earned a Bachelor's degree in film and works in Social Media Marketing at Glass Iris Studios.