To my coworkers and those that voted in the poll months ago, welcome to the first exciting installment of POTATOCHIP REVIEWS! The flavor of the day is Jalapeño kettle chips.

First, like any other obnoxiously long food blog let's dive into the history of the Kettle brand.


The company was founded by Cameron Healy in 1978 under the name "N.S. Khalsa Company" but didn't produce its first line of chips until 1982.

In 2006 the company was sold to Lion Capital LLP, a British private equity firm founded in 2004. Lion Capital paid $280-320 million.

From 2010 to 2016 N.S. Khalsa company was owned by Diamond Foods (Founded in 1912 but ceased existing in 2016)

In March 2018 the Camden, New Jersey-based Campbell Soup Company purchased the company, which is now known as Kettle Foods, Inc.


The company is based in Salem, Oregon. Russet Burbank Potatoes (high sugar) are scrubbed down and hand yeeted into an Auger. The auger shoves the unpeeled potatoes through a slicing blade. They become cut chips that are yeeted into a vat of bubbling hot, safflower oil. Specialized chip chefs keep the chips moving while they're cooking in the oil by raking the chips. This prevents them from sticking together.

A shaker conveyer carries the chips to an optisort machine which discards chips that are too dark. The chips that passed inspection go through a seasoning drum and are powdered with flavor.


According to There are, or perhaps have been 89 flavors. On Kettle's actual website the chips are currently sorted into four categories. Featured, Classic, Krinkle and Organic.

There are 14 options, not including variety packs for Classic.

4 options for Krinkle cut

3 options for Organic.

Now let's get into what you really came here for. My roast for the particular flavor pictured above.


Flavor Memorability - Can I remember the taste long after I've had it? Or do I forget about it after a day?

Texture - My fellow Neurodivergents know when it comes to food texture is everything. Texture determines if this snack is worth repeatedly eating.

Taste - Does it actually have flavor, or does it have the idea of a flavor? Is it so good I would bring it to parties or is it so bad I wouldn't even want to share it with anyone other than my very few enemies?

Dip Dependent? - Is it a strong independent chip that don't need a dip to be good? Or does it need to be paired with a dip in order for me to even consider buying it?

Mess Scale - Straightforward. How messy of a chip is it?


It's been a few days and I actually do faintly remember the flavor and the level of disappointment I felt when it wasn't as spicy as Tim's jalapeño chips. Because the brand is Kettle I can easily remember that one single chip packs about as much flavor and crunch as about a handful of lays. To me Kettle's texture is more memorable than the flavor.

I don't eat this flavor often but every time I do it's because I think "Oh, I don't think I've tried that before." and then I taste it and think "Oh wait, I have. I swear it was stronger last time."

TEXTURE: Thick but not too thick

Personally, I wouldn't be able to eat these in a handful. It's more of a one to two at a time kind of chip before my sensory says OW WTF. When the chip splits in my mouth it isn't sharp like Lays Ruffles. The crunch factor is definitely there but it's not overwhelmingly loud. The surface is rough which makes sense considering the process it's been through.

TASTE: Could be hotter

If you are like me and you wish to be a spice connoisseur but can only handle spice in the tiniest of increments this flavor won't hurt you, but it won't deliver if you're expecting true FLMAING HOT vibes. I was hoping to have to chug a whole bottle of water from the heat but instead I drank half a bottle because of the salt. The taste wasn't strong enough to linger. I would say it was a light taste, great for summer. I always come back to this flavor


Kettle Chips aren't usually known for being dependent on dip nor have I ever gone out of my way to pair it with any. I do think it would work well with a thicker dip. The chip doesn't have as strong a flavor as say, the Hawaiian style kettle chips so it wouldn't overpower any dip but rather be complimented by one. However, if you crush these up and put them on jalapeno poppers there's enough flavor that you'll notice. (10/10 would recommend)

As a standalone I don't think I could finish a family sized bag without the aid of sandwich. I found myself getting tired of the taste after a while before I needed to use my subway sandwich as a palette cleanser. I like to put these chips inside most of my sandwiches and for reasons I do not understand, it brings out the chip flavor.


A 5 on this scale is cheeto and a 1 on this scale is little to no crumbs and or grease. This chip falls in the middle because although it's not crumbly and fragile like most thin chips and my hands didn't feel like they were oiled up and greased like the spicy men in Jenna Moreci's book The Savior's Champion there were salty particles flying everywhere that went unnoticed until I actively looked for them.


Would I bring these chips to parties if I were a regular party goer and someone asked me to bring a snack? If I couldn't find Tim's YES. These would pair well with whatever other food is there and if there were leftovers I could pair them with my sandwiches after. Kettle chips in general are iconic and at least give the illusion of healthy.

After the next three reviews I will go over my Staff's Favorites. I've been slowly but surely asking every single employee at my work what their favorite chip is because # content!

If I haven't already asked you though comment your favorite chip or a chip you would like to hear my thoughts on.



Wikipedia contributors. “Kettle Foods.” Wikipedia, 20 Aug. 2022,

“How Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Are Made | Unwrapped | Food Network.” YouTube, 15 June 2020,

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Hey everyone it's been a while. Unless you're one of my coworkers who I just informed I have a blog hi there! Welcome to the inner workings of my mind haha!

So I'll start with the back story that lead to this silly blog post title. Roughly 66 days earlier than now I lost all my money except for $7 from a scam going around Instagram. Someone pretending to be a mother commissioned me to draw a picture for her daughter's birthday gift. The rest of the details are unimportant.

Anyway, I'm on the phone with my loving partner Nick absolutely losing my mind and just mentally spiraling out of control. I stopped going to therapy for a long time prior due to my lack of finances so needless to say I hit a new low and wasn't having it for a while.

About a day later I started another counter for 100 days and set a new plan in motion to turn everything back around. I spent the first month tapping into the depths of my soul that I've spent so long avoiding and thought long and hard about the difference between what I wanted in life and everyone's opinion of what it seemed like I wanted. The truth was I didn't have a clear picture of what I wanted but I knew being where I was wasn't it. So I took a leap of faith and left my job, paused my art shop, halted every project I said would be done by the end of summer and paid off my debts from the scam in 44 days after getting a new job.

Last month I participated in the 48 hour film challenge for the first time
cast of mothership creative posing in front of 48 hour film challenge banner
Team Mothership

adorable couple in forest
My Loving Partner and I vibing

as both a co-writer and an actor. It felt like it had been ages since I pulled an all-nighter and worked with a full crew again. I hadn't actually done acting before so imposter syndrome was hitting me like a bullet train but the positive feedback from everyone has inspired me to explore it more. Everyone's love for filmmaking and creative drive to make the project the best that it could be lit a fire in me. I started co-writing more scripts with Nick and Panda [See my last post if you don't know who Panda is]

Going to the 48 hour award show [We won best Special Effects] and being surrounded by an entire theater of passionate filmmaking individuals brought me back to my early days of film school when I still dreamed big. Dreamed of my own animated feature films, dreamed of flying across the country for festivals, dreamed of late night shoots with people I love, dreamed of leading a crew and being utilized for my full potential, why had I put these dreams aside? Why did I convince myself I actually hate the tediousness of animating and that the process is for the professionals and not me? Why was I putting my biggest dreams on hold so I can help others with their endeavors first? Why was the thought of pursuing my own film projects and executing them the Jane-way considered selfish in my mind?

These questions swirled around in my head as I disassociated through the Seattle streets and stuffed my face with fries after celebrating the victory our project had become. I thought about how much I wanted to become an actor, director, and a screenwriter when I was little. My eyes watered when I thought about how many years it's been since I last animated and the fact all those years passed was because I thought I wasn't good enough. I spent years hiding behind the camera instead of being in front of it because I let stage fright stop me so I haven't made a youtube video with myself in it.

I didn't feel okay for a while after that

To put lemon juice on my papercut the battery in my 2016 laptop died right before I had to do some graphic design work for some clients and co-host a podcast with Panda as a guest. The laptop was primarily used for school, work, and obligations for others. I am not the type of person who blindly believes in "signs from the universe" however the timing hit me hard enough I let my skepticism slide. I treated myself to a pink gaming laptop to heal my inner child [Present me had crushed enough of her dreams anyway] and then it all finally came together.

A switch went off within me and I was okay again

I've decided to start my own production company, get back into animation, get into twitch streaming, and get back into making films. I'm going to update my website so there are no more graphic design services. From here on out unless I'm paid an absurd amount of money I will no longer be doing graphic design for anyone I don't know personally. My art projects will probably be delayed once again but I'm alright with that. When I do get back into my novel and comic projects my headspace will be much more pleasant and the things I create will be even better because of it. So, cheers to my new chapter I can't wait to start creating!

Comment an animal you think is kind of weird if you read this blogpost and check back in a few months. Maybe I'll get the hang of posting frequently haha.


"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop."


Links for Ghost Apple Productions




The Fluid Strawberry



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Updated: Aug 12

It finally happened. I did my first Artist's Alley at Chibi Chibi con about a week ago. I applied right before Sakuracon back in the middle of April and by the end of the month I got notified that I was waitlisted. I felt discouraged and defeated because I didn't want to get my hopes up for getting in if that wasn't going to happen but I didn't want to be a bare bones booth with literally ten items if I actually did somehow magically get in last minute. So I slowly started ordering things and working on prints, finishing sticker designs I had started and hadn't gotten around to finishing, etc.

Sakuracon wiped my wallet out so I didn't plan on bulk ordering too much or diving in with all the big purchases (yet). Then a few weeks before con I received an email saying artists in the artist's alley need to confirm payment. This confused the hell out of me because last I checked I didn't get in. Then a few minutes later it dawned on me I was no longer waitlisted and the show was on for real!

No more day dreaming, reality is here and it hit me like a train!

So for the next two weeks I printed/laminated over 100 prints, made a few hundred stickers, poured several batches of resin for hairclips, designed an entire line of sailorscout bows, re-learned how Square works, and mass ordered everything I could possibly need for a table while binge watching every "my first artist alley" video that exists on youtube.

I've done a few art tables before during the portfolio showcase in college and when I was with my ex I sold some art at our local cafe. To be honest thinking about those past experiences actually didn't hype me up but instead brought me down because I vividly remembered seeing people ignore the table because it was too much or people only buying the $1 items on the table and also pretending nothing else existed. I was crossing my fingers hoping this would be different because it's a convention, your table is supposed to be filled with sparkly and cute things. You're supposed to offer a huge variety of items and have

a stand so extravagant you can see it from a mile away. This was my actual demographic.

The day of the event comes and I'm anticipating a three hour drive. However, my other table helper, I'll call him Panda, didn't answer the phone when I called to see if he's on his way. I called him for the next hour and half. Straight to voice mail. He's got the energy banks which are essential for this trip. My sweet boyfriend made it to the house right before we were scheduled to leave and Panda finally woke up, his alarm didn't go off. Happens to the best of us. He finally heads to the house but I forgot to take into account he lived roughly an hour away. I start to panic. I check google maps to see that somehow I was wildly incorrect about the time it would take to get to the convention. The maps says One hour and 45 minutes not three hours. So if Panda had gotten to the house in time we wou

ld've ended up being almost 3 hours early. Everything happens for a reason!

We finally leave and I'm convinced I brought everything. CONVINCED. 100% sure this is going to be fine and every thing I had planned to bring is physically inside either the trunk or the back seat. We show up an hour early and manage to find the correct parking. There's no staff and I'm unfamiliar with the campus so we pack the mystery bags while waiting. A few people saw us and thought we must be staff given that we're the only ones here and we look busy. To be fair I would also immediately assume the first other person I saw in the lot was staff too. Eventually the event starts and the staff help us get loaded in and there are no problems until we physically get to the table. I'm taking everything off the cart and I notice one of the most essential boxes is missing. I ask my boyfriend to triple, quadruple, quintuple check every inch of the car. The box containing my cube shelves that the entire layout was based around was left at home. I have mentally prepared for every possible scenario EXCEPT this one. I tap deep into my memories and look back at all my flat table layouts, trying to tune out the looks on people's faces when they were driven away. Everything managed to fit on the small space and look somewhat aesthetically pleasing. That's all I could ask for at this point.

My boyfriend came up with the genius idea of using the storage box for elevation. My business partner from Atomic Heat Media also lent me a colorful blanket that worked perfect with the aesthetic of the rest of the table and fortunately I packed my tiny easel and used it to display the foamcore board. I felt much better and we still had at least half an hour left to set up. Nick and Panda were such a great help. They were able to make sales and manage the table if I was away and Nick made sure I was eating and staying hydrated every few hours. It's so easy to get lost in focusing on the work and I'm the type of artist that's highly prone to forgetting to take care of myself. Nick and Panda did an exceptionally amazing job at talking to the customers during the times my brain froze and remembered I have social anxiety and haven't been out and about talking to new people for years.

There were a few moments at con that will just stick with me forever because of how happy they made me. The first moment was when this tiny little boy came up to the foamcore board, his eyes widened and he ran back to his dad and shouted " You gotta see this!!!" I was eager to find out what exactly it was that got him so so hyped. He points to the sailor moon bows and his dad explains to me that he and the son watch sailor moon together every single week. Once they finish the series they're going to marathon the movies. Panda almost cried at seeing how the dad was equally as excited as the son. The dad bought a few bows and we were all smiling at the table because of this wholesome dad.

The next interaction had all three of us laughing our asses off. This beautiful woman, I don't know who exactly she was cosplaying, didn't have cash on her but she saw that I was selling rings and she told her friend she NEEDS to buy a ring. The friend was willing to pay for a few more items at con but needed to be convinced that she actually needs this item.

I let them know the sale price and my white seashell ring catches her eye. I've had this item listed for years back when my shop was just a resin shop that was mostly focused on jewelry. I could never sell these rings. This woman is visibly shaking with excitement as she tries it on. She says very loudly

"You HAVE to buy this! I NEED this!"

The friend asks her if she's 100% sure and she says dramatically

"It's ALREADY on my finger! You have to give them money! You have to pay them!"

The friend hands me the cash and I figured the woman didn't need any packaging for the ring given that it's already on her finger and probably will be for the rest of the evening. I thank her with the biggest smile on my face and they move on to the next booth before Artist Alley closes down. I never thought my worst performing piece of art would get the biggest reaction of the whole day.

There was a moment I sadly missed that Nick told me about when I got back to the table. Someone saw my Space Dandy print, got excited that they finally found some Space Dandy merch and then out loud said "Oh I HAVE to have this!" And then bought it. The roles were finally reversed. I was that table that sold the niche thing someone never thought they would find!

Once the event was wrapped I did my first Art Trade with other artists and got to learn about their Artist Alley experiences. I also took a group photo with the other Animal Crossing Cosplayers.

Overall there was so much kindness and encouragement at the Artist Alley, people were incredibly patient and understanding when I explained this was my first time doing a table. The table next to me overheard that I was stressed about forgetting the cubes and once we finished setting up they said I did great. Apparently after I made my rounds and said hello to as many artists as I could my phone was blowing up with Instagram follows, Panda told me about this when I came back. It was such a breath of fresh air being part of a community filled with nothing but encouragement for each other. This was a first convention for several other artists as well. Everyone gave off the impression that we all just want to see each other succeed instead of seeing each other as nothing but competition.

For a minute I was able to forget how awful the world was and how such a competitive mindset lead me to feeling long periods of isolation instead of inspiration and motivation. Seeing the joy on people's faces when they pointed at something on my table that I liked helped me forget how stressed I was about whether or not I'll break even or if selling out will disappoint customers. The smile on the a little girl's face when she told her mom she HAS to buy my Pomacaroon Pin I put on clearance helped me remember the beauty of art, the reason I create it, is that look of joy on someone else's face when they see it and fall in love with it.

I opened a shop again because I wanted to take the things I liked creating and share them with the world. I write books and comics because I have thoughts and feelings I want to put out into the universe. That's what it's always been about and honestly, spending years working in social media marketing and business and having your survival depend on those stats and numbers has made it so easy for me to forget that and drift away from my original purpose. This past month I've felt so much happier and more inspired. I finally made a breakthrough with progress on my Webtoon and have been getting comfortable posting tiktoks on a regular basis. Nick and I finally submitted our first screenplay collab to our local film festival!

Thanks for reading this novel of a blog post! Maybe next time I'll have some actual updates about my novel haha.


"The dream didn’t leave, people just don’t know a nightmare when they right in the middle of one."

-Marlon James












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